Justice League #28

by Hussein Wasiti on September 06, 2017

Writer: Bryan Hitch

Artist: Fernando Pasarin

Inker: Matt Banning

Colourist: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Richard Starkings


This was a great issue. More than anything, it cements Bryan Hitch's respect for the story he's telling. It's mature and moves at a great pace, and I loved the ending.


Hitch crafts a compelling story for the legacy characters, particularly in the main character of the group, Hunter, the son of Wonder Woman. I don't want to delve too much into spoiler territory, but he feels a bit of anger towards the Justice League for their failure in destroying threats like the Kindred, who presented problems very early on in the series. I was shocked to see Hitch make such a stretch of a callback, especially to a story that not many people liked. It's bold, and I like it.


When Hitch shifts the story away from the future children characters, then the story began to lose me a bit. We only get this twice, in a scene between Simon Baz and Steve Trevor which I was sort of confused by, as well as a scene in which Wonder Woman contemplates her role in all of this. The Wonder Woman scene was overly written, but I still understand what Hitch was going for. It all very nicely leads into the ending, which I reiterate again is really awesome and extremely well-developed.


Fernando Pasarin falls into his usual traps when it comes to detailing his faces in this issue. When it comes to Pasarin, I really appreciate his art whenever there's a wide shot or an establishing shot. Despite some of my issues with the art, I'm still a fan of the Pasarin/Brad Anderson team-up.


This arc has been impressing me, and this issue is no exception. The art is mostly strong and Hitch goes much deeper in the story and there's some immediate payoff to it. I'm genuinely excited for this story to continue.

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