Wonder Woman #29

by Hussein Wasiti on August 30, 2017

Writer: Shea Fontana

Artist: Inaki Miranda

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Saida Temofonte


After the last abysmal issue, I needed this issue to sing for me to tolerate the run before the new story arc under James Robinson begins.


While this issue didn't exactly wow me, I got a better grasp of the story and Diana's supporting characters were better utilised this time around. It's gratifying to see that Shea Fontana acknowledges the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor, and it's great to see both of them hanging out with Etta again. I feel like we were robbed of that in Greg Rucka's run.


The artwork here was also a lot better than the last issue's. Inaki Miranda's style fits the character more, although I wish we had more of a premiere artist for this title. These characters deserve it.


There was a nice balance of action and story. Some of the action got a bit silly with these weird villains constantly popping up, but it was fun and the later scenes had a genuine weight to them because of the tighter story.


This is the best issue of Fontana's run by far, and I hope she keeps up the momentum. Miranda's artwork was awesome, and I wouldn't mind seeing their art in the future.

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