Suicide Squad #24

by Hussein Wasiti on August 23, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artists: Agustin Padilla and Juan Ferreyra

Colourist: Adriano Lucas

Letterer: Pat Brosseau


Amanda Waller hasn't been the same since her visit with the leader of The People, Director Karla. The mystery is revealed here, although it doesn't quite explain everything Waller has been going through. In fact I think the twist is somewhat flawed, as well as confusing. I don't want to add anything further so as to not spoil it.


However, this has been stronger than previous issues. I've been down on this series. The storytelling has been completely off to me and I usually like Rob Williams enough to look forward to read his stories. At this point, however, I feel like Williams or editorial should take advantage of the rotating roster of characters imprisoned at Belle Reve in order to tell new, fun stories. I want them to go out on awesome, unique missions, but Williams always makes them bigger than they should be, and this problem is made evident in this issue. It's just another worldwide threat involving Waller. It's exhausting.


And the choice of artists has been questionable as well. Agustin Padilla's art is much too ink-heavy for me to appreciate, and having another artist on an issue always grinds my gears. Sure, the legendary Juan Ferreyra is the other artist, but it's distracting to have an art change of any kind.


While the ending has me interested in the next issue, everything in this issue was lacking to some degree; the writing and plotting is slow, there's an art change near the end of the issue, and it falls into the same formula the series has been falling into.

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