Detective Comics #963

by Hussein Wasiti on August 23, 2017

Writers: Christopher Sebela and James Tynion IV

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colourists: Ulises Arreola and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letterer: Sal Cipriano


This issue focuses on Stephanie Brown as she continues her alliance with Anarky, which was first introduced in #957. I wasn't entirely compelled by that issue, nor was I with this one. This issue's highlights are found in its first few pages, which flashes back to a never-before-seen conversation between Tim and Steph. We all know that Tim is returning to the book in #965, so James Tynion is slowly teasing us with his return.


Even thought it's a flashback, it's genuinely great to see Tim back. Tim's my favourite Robin, which is a sentiment Tynion shares as well, and it comes across. His appearance here just has me all the more excited for the next arc of the series. However, we spend a bit too much time with Spoiler and Anarky. Tynion and guest writer Christopher Sebela hammer home a lot about their relationship, that they want to trust each other and that Spoiler doesn't know anything about Anarky's plans, which aren't very interesting to me and, at this point, have me worried that the eventual big arc focusing on these characters will end up being extremely boring. And to cap it off, Tynion never fully made me believe that Spoiler would want to leave Batman's team. Sure, we can chalk it up to her mourning Tim, but she lashed out way too quickly.


In addition to spending too much time with the Dull Duo, Tynion is obviously setting up the breaking of Clayface, in that him being in his natural form for too long is messing with his brain and he'll soon end up like how he's traditionally portrayed. I'd be ok with this scene if it wasn't unnaturally extended, or if it was a bit more subtle. I have faith that Tynion and his artist will execute the eventual heel turn with grace and emotion, but here it's stilted.


The strongest element of this issue was Carmen Carnero's art. I don't recall seeing her name on this book in previous issues, but I liked her take on a lot of these characters. It was clean and expressive, and I'd love to see more of her work in this title.


This issue mostly consists of filler, but isn't bad by any means. The art by Carnero is absolutely gorgeous and if you're excited for Tim's return, it was nice to see him for even this brief time. However, Tynion and Sebela cram the book with filler, so if you're looking for obvious set-up and weak pacing, this is your issue.

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