Batman Beyond #11

by Hussein Wasiti on August 23, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Artist: Bernard Chang

Colourist: Marcelo Maiolo

Letterer: Travis Lanham


This was mostly a rushed and unsatisfying end to an alright story. It started off interesting but Dan Jurgens spent most of the arc portraying the fight between Terry and Damian, which was fun at the beginning but quickly devolved to simple, repetitive storytelling.


While I didn't predict the beats of the issue, it was handled poorly and I struggle to see the point of the story other than to have an older, Head of the Demon version of Damian. While his actions in this issue in particular are understandable, Jurgens constantly kept hammering in my head that Terry isn't himself since he's wearing this AI suit, and that Damian's better than this and that he should stop and help save the world. This might make for an extremely frustrating trade read.


Despite the story issues, the art is fantastic. I can always count on Bernard Chang to deliver fun, clean art that suits the story. It's also coloured very well by Marcelo Maiolo. However, there was only one page where the panels were divided awkwardly and I genuinely could not tell what was happening. I had to rely on information presented later in order to understand what went down.


In a repetitive and rushed finale, Jurgens fails to finish this uncompelling story and doesn't manage to make it satisfying. Chang's art is still the major highlight of the book, and I wouldn't recommend coming back to this title until the regular Jurgens/Chang creative team returns in November.

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