Super Sons #7

by Hussein Wasiti on August 16, 2017

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Rob Leigh


This is the single best Teen Titans issue in years. Tomasi nails everything from the dialogue and the pacing to the character moments and humour. Last issue's reveal that Damian was turned into an old person was worrying to me, but here it paid off extremely well and Tomasi plays with the angle of Damian being much, much older than Jon that he's used to.


A lot of the humour and heart of this issue came straight from the deft hand of Jorge Jimenez. This guy draws the Titans so well and injects such youth and energy into every panel. His Jon is second only to Patrick Gleason's interpretation of the character, and the action was fantastic.


The only real flaw I have with this issue is that it stalls for a couple pages in the middle when Tomasi introduces us to the villain and his weird origins and motivations. It still doesn't come across as clear as I would have liked, and the characters simply isn't compelling. However, I can excuse the lack of development for the character since I had such a fun time with the issue, and that the villain isn't necessarily the focus.


I reserve judgment for the ending until the next issue, as it seemed like the story wrapped up nicely until it suddenly jumpstarted for that cliffhanger. I'm all for shorter arcs in monthly books and I hope Tomasi and Jimenez wow me with the next issue. Despite this, this might have been the best issue of the series.

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