Justice League #27

by Hussein Wasiti on August 16, 2017

Writer: Bryan Hitch

Artist: Fernando Pasarin

Inker: Oclair Albert

Colourist: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Richard Starkings


This was an incredibly enjoyable issue, and I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to jump on with either this issue or the last one for those who want the full story.


The plotting and the pacing of the issue was fantastic. While I don't imagine DC coming back to this story after Hitch leaves the title, he still provides a few interesting parental pairings that lead to the children characters we met in the last issue. I liked the interactions between the children and their parents. Hitch made it feel rich and organic, and I move forward knowing that many of these characters' relationships with each other are now explored and solidified.


Fernando Pasarin continues to impress as well, as some of the problems I have with his art seem to be addressed. I take issue with his faces and facial expressions, but it seems Pasarin knows this and tried to rectify it, or the inker or colourist did their magic and made the faces seem as normal as possible. It doesn't matter who is responsible, but this is the best Pasarin art I've ever seen.


Some of the dialogue bothered me, such as Mera's "I don't remember giving birth". It obviously was intended as a joke but it could have been handled better or scrapped. Hitch also didn't do a fantastic job explaining the reason as to how certain powers manifested in these children. I don't want to spoil the identities of any of them for those interested.


This is already the best arc we've seen in this series. This is a story I want to see told and I have a genuine trust in Hitch to deliver it to us in spectacular fashion. Pasarin's art is the most appealing its ever been and I look forward to where the story goes based on the small hints Hitch drops.

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