Green Lanterns #29

by Hussein Wasiti on August 16, 2017

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Eduardo Pansica

Inker: Julio Ferreira

Colourist: Alex Sollazzo

Letterer: Tom Napolitano


Not much happens in this issue, as it mostly sets up the final confrontation between the Lanterns and Volthoom. I haven't been a fan of the story Sam Humphries has been telling, so this issue did next to nothing for me in terms of the story.


I continue to take issue with Humphries' usage of modern Western lingo when writing for these ancient, billion-year-old beings. Having one of the original Lanterns calling Jessica "dude" doesn't come across as relatable or "human" to me. It comes across as contrived and incredibly unoriginal. I understand that Jessica suffers from her personal anxiety, but her dialogue was unbearable. Her constant "ughs" and "uhhs" bothered me.


Simon was a great presence in this issue, however. He reminded both the reader and Jessica of the gravity of their situation, that they needed to defeat Volthoom and return to their timeline. We're three issues into this arc and I don't care about any of the characters, which is a shame since most of them have cool designs.


Eduardo Pansica's art was great, however. Pansica always manages to make the story much more interesting than it is, and his level of detail is awesome. The colouring by Alex Sollazzo can make it look a bit more dull than I'd like, though.


At this point I'm just counting down the issues until Humphries leaves the book. His bafflingly slow pace is unparalleled, surpassing the pacing issues of even Bryan Hitch and Tom King's Batman. Pansica's art was a treat to look at, but I'm afraid it was the only saving grace of the issue.

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