Green Arrow #28

by Hussein Wasiti on August 02, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Juan Ferreyra

Letterer: Nate Piekos


Green Arrow's trek to take down the Ninth Circle brings him to Metropolis, where he meets Superman and Lex Luthor. Superman is my favourite character of all time, and I was very much anticipating this issue, mostly due to Juan Ferreyra's art and my eagerness to see what the artist would do with Big Blue.


And he delivers. If nothing else, the art alone is worth the price of admission here. I love Juan's panelling; he has this classic way of highlighting objects of importance in a scene. He also implements a nice zooming technique on smaller panels displaying a lot of information to seemingly streamline it. I also love his rendition of Metropolis, which is this huge, hulking, yet also beautiful city. Metropolis always makes me feel safe when I see it in a comic, and Ferreyra captured that feeling for me.


His Superman is pretty great, too. I loved the way Superman was introduced to the story, first as Clark Kent then as Superman, and it fit the character and Ferreyra laid out the scene very well.


Benjamin Percy also approaches the story from Superman's angle, which is hope and optimism, which I feel like has more or less become a theme starting with last issue's plea to the people about their rights and their freedoms. There was a bit too much recap for my liking, and Green Arrow didn't interact with Superman enough, which are my only problems with this issue.


Green Arrow's stop at Metropolis was a fun one, and is definitely the best issue of the arc yet. If you're not yet convinced of the awesomeness that is Juan Ferreyra, then pick this issue up and see for yourself. Aside from some minor story problems, this is a great time.



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