Suicide Squad #22

by Hussein Wasiti on July 26, 2017

Written by Rob Williams

Art by Agustin Padilla

Colours by Adriano Lucas

Lettering by Pat Brosseau


Not much happens in this issue, and the ending confused me, making me think I skipped a few pages while reading it.


First off, the art isn't that great. At best it was ok, at worst it looked like bad Frank Miller art. Faces were too blocky and weirdly unproportionate, and not as expressive as I would have liked. The art last issue was much better.


I don't understand what happened to Amanda Waller here, as the issue opens with her escaping Director Karla's facility. She doesn't explain what she went through, as the ending of the issue almost makes it seems like she's… not herself. As for Karla, his introduction was underwhelming to me. He and his organisation have been built up for so long, since the beginning of the series in fact, and he just has another dumb plan with cookie cutter motivations that we've seen a thousand times before.


This was surprisingly underwhelming. Both the art and the story were incredibly lackluster, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the last issue and wanted to see more. The ending interested me and I'm excited to see some of these events play out, but I'm mostly disappointed.

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