Wonder Woman #27

by Hussein Wasiti on July 26, 2017

Writer: Shea Fontana

Artist: Mirka Andolfo

Colourist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letterer: Saida Temofonte


This was a mostly enjoyable issue, much better than the previous one, but some problems still persist and I have a hard time embracing Shea Fontana's style.


The villain is revealed, and I'll start by saying it wasn't much of a surprise given how many "suspicious" characters were introduced last issue. The twist might still surprise people, but Fontana doesn't make this character's plan make any sense. I understand their motivations and what drove them to do what they did, yet the progression of events from the ending of the last issue to the confrontation in this issue isn't clear.


The endgame of this villain is also confusing. Fontana also makes the choice to include another flashback to Diana's childhood, but I didn't feel what Fontana was going for, which was to tie her childhood training to her current fight.


Mirka Andolfo's art is mostly a mixed bag for me, but here it worked quite well. She's good at pacing the action and it looked a lot less cutesy this time around, with more honest expressions.


Unfortunately, there isn't much to talk about in this issue. With these two issues in mind, I might recommend that regular readers of this series should skip this and just wait for James Robinson's upcoming run on the series in September.

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