Super Sons #6

by Hussein Wasiti on July 19, 2017

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colourist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Rob Leigh


Peter Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez begin a new arc with this issue, and they're almost on the right track.


I found the banter between Jon and Damian in the previous issues to be very repetitive, but Tomasi allows their relationship to consist of more than simply making fun of each other. Whether or not they want to admit it, the reason they're spending so much time together is because they have fun when they're around each other. They have each other's personalities to bounce off of, and both Jon and Damian can practise their respective attitudes when it comes to superheroing, and they reinforce them as a result. Damian will continuously act like a brooding brat in front of Jon, while Jon will always remain bright and fun. It's fun storytelling.


However, my problem with the issue is that the Teen Titans end up playing a much larger role than I would have liked. I was grinning and having a great time when Jon and Damian were together, but I got bored with the Damian/Teen Titans segment as I'm following them on a journey which has an unknown endpoint or threat; not even Raven or Aqualad know what they're going after, and it simply wasn't compelling.


The ending was also a miss for me. Tomasi tries to cram as much as he can into those final few pages to make the whole thing worth it, but the surprise ending ended up coming across as slightly confusing, and I went back to the previous pages to try and understand the progression of events to no avail. I understand that first issues in new arcs are mostly there for set-up, but only a couple of small details are set-up in this issue and aren't worth it.


The saving grace of this issue is Jorge Jimenez's art. His art is absolutely gorgeous, and he instills such expression and fun into each of his panels. Any panel involving both Jon and Damian are such joys to admire, it's clear Jimenez is a big fan of these characters and wants to portray them at their very best.


In a somewhat confusing yet fun issue, the Teen Titans get in the way of Jon and Damian's night out. This issue is worth it just for the brilliant art and fantastic scenes between the titular characters.

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