Red Hood and the Outlaws #12

by Hussein Wasiti on July 12, 2017

Writer: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Dexter Soy

Colourist: Veronica Gandini

Letterer: Taylor Esposito


I wasn't a big fan of the last arc, but I'm excited to say that this series might be getting back on track.


The series was built on the relationship between Jason and Bizarro, which was kind of forgotten in the last arc in favour of a very forgettable story. Here, we get into the heart of their interplay, which makes for an immediately more emotional issue.


Scott Lobdell is nailing Bizarro as a character, providing the most heartfelt interpretation of the guy since Forever Evil, even surpassing Geoff Johns' portrayal of him. His heart stopped at the end of the last issue, leading to Jason and Artemis taking him home to care for him.


Again, Dexter Soy's art was amazing. A certain rhyming monster shows up to reek some havoc, which was easily one of the most gorgeous sequences I've ever seen Soy produce. Veronica Gandini's colouring work contributes to this, of course. Their work is faded yet colourful, which is the best way I can describe it.


Lobdell got me even more excited for this storyline with the ending, which significantly expands the scope of this series in ways I somewhat saw coming but never thought would happen.


This issue jumpstarted the series for me, providing a fun, emotional, and worthwhile issue that read really quickly. The art was superbly stellar, and this is a great jumping-on point for new readers.

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