Justice League of America #10

by Hussein Wasiti on July 12, 2017

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Andy MacDonald

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics


I really want to like this book, and I really want to like Steve Orlando. It's just that Orlando doesn't want me to, it seems.


This issue was pretty much nonsensical. We are introduced to the Kingbutcher, a character who takes a person's dreams when they become a reality, which is made possible because of some magical force that isn't explained very well.


The Kingbutcher is a weird character because he claims to be the ultimate force, yet he takes the time to spar with the JLA when he can easily wipe them out. He clearly has no time for their words yet he indulges them. Maybe it's because they challenged him but, again, it's not made clear.


Ivan Reis is still not present, but I think he's drawing the upcoming Ray Palmer arc and needed a lot of time, which is fine by me. It just feels a little bit wrong to advertise this series with Reis' art but to only have him draw the first couple of issues. Andy MacDonald's art is fine. It was nicely detailed and there were some nice splash pages, but there wasn't anything special except for a hilarious page dedicated to Lobo's childhood, which is easily the best part of this entire series so far.


The Ray is the centre of attention here, and it's entirely uncompelling. I absolutely don't care for him as a character and all Orlando has him do is whine about Batman's leadership of the JLA. I wouldn't be surprised if he either leaves the team or gets a heel turn. Either way, I don't care about him.


Orlando provides a simply dull and boring issue, with little-to-no sensical explanation of what the Kingbutcher is all about. MacDonald's art was good but nothing special.

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