Suicide Squad #20

by Hussein Wasiti on June 28, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Stjepan Sejic

Publisher: DC Comics


The main draw of this issue is the art. Stjepan Sejic has already made a name for himself for doing the art for the current Underworld arc in Aquaman. It goes without saying: his art is absolutely gorgeous and I hope DC nabs him for an exclusive contract. Sejic's art is very expressive. It's clean and his colouring gives it this calm aura. Character's expressions are especially what I love about it.

In the wake of Rick Flag's supposed death, this story is framed around Amanda Waller's quest to find a new leader for the Suicide Squad. Who ends up leading the Squad isn't exactly a surprise, and I wish Rob Williams went with a more inventive, out-of-the-box choice, like Cosmonaut, but alas.


Williams explores the relationship between Killer Croc and June Moone, as they are given permission to leave Belle Reve for a short period of time in order to spend some time together. Their moments provided the fun and heart of the story, despite my concern as to how a relationship between a giant crocodile and witch would work out. But it does.


Harley's in a bad state following Flag's death, as they have been in a relationship together for the past few issues. Williams didn't set up their relationship as much as he think he did, as I didn't really care for their romance and thought it felt contrived. Waller claims that she hasn't said a word since Flag's death but she ends up chatting away in a moment's notice.


This one-shot explored some the dynamics between the characters in the Suicide Squad, with the standout being Sejic's art, who is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. Pick this issue up, as well as Aquaman #25 to really see what I'm talking about. I think this story was necessary to provide a bit of breathing room and to let this book have its own story as opposed to playing second fiddle to other titles.

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