Super Sons #5

by Hussein Wasiti on June 21, 2017

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Alisson Borges

Colourist: Hi-Fi

Publisher: DC Comics


While the conflict and overall nature of the story felt somewhat contrived, Peter J. Tomasi manages to make this one-shot a little more heartfelt than I thought it was going to be.


Jon runs away from home as he protests the Kent family's move from Hamilton to Metropolis. He visits Damian in the Batcave, who's been grounded for his adventure in the series' opening arc. They get into a fight which was the worst part of the issue for me. Jon claims he's visiting Damian so he can get some advice, but he ends up coming across as really hostile towards Damian. Knowing Damian's temper, he obviously flares up. It ends quickly, though, which is when we get to the more enjoyable parts of the story where they've learned their lesson with their fathers present.


Alisson Borges takes over for Jorge Jimenez here, and I really liked Borges' art. It was stylistically similar to Jimenez's art though, so I assume Borges was chosen since the transition between artists won't be too jarring.


In a mostly fun interlude, Tomasi falls into the same old trap of having Jon and Damian needlessly fight, while also counteracting this with a pretty great series of scenes near the end.


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