Green Lanterns #25

by Hussein Wasiti on June 21, 2017

Writer: Sam Humphries

Artist: Robson Rocha

Colourist: Alex Sollazzo

Publisher: DC Comics


I've had a lot of complaints about this series, so does this extra-sized issue change my mind on its extremely slow pace? Yes and no. While the issue ramps things up with the ending, it still had a prodding pace to it, leading me to believe that Sam Humphries just doesn't know what to do with this series.


We continue to see the origins of the original seven Green Lanterns, but I really don't know whether or not they're ever going to show up, and if their stories will prove to actually play a part in this series. I remain really doubtful about any of it, since Volthoom discovered in the last issue that most of the rings were lost or destroyed, so they couldn't possibly be on their fingers. It's confusing and simply pads the book. With the over-sized nature of this issue, Humphries crams in two Lantern origins, with the second one in particular being simply bad, with contrived dialogue and characters speaking in really modern human lingo although the story takes place thousands and thousands of years in the past.


The story picks up about halfway through the book, and the action and tension really ramps up. I'm very curious to see how this book will deal with the events of the last few pages. If the way Humphries has been handling this story is any indication, it'll be slightly boring.


Robson Rocha did the art, and I'm glad someone who has drawn for this series before drew this issue, since the art has been very inconsistent as of late. I'm a fan of Rocha's art, and I love his take on these characters. A lot of the crazy action of the finale was absolutely gorgeous to look at.


In a somewhat middling issue made more tolerable by its ending, Humphries finally moves along his Volthoom/Rami story by injecting some tension into the mix. Rocha's art was fantastic as usual, and I hope to see more of his work.

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