Batwoman #4

by Hussein Wasiti on June 21, 2017

Writers: Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV

Artist: Steve Epting

Colourist: Jeremy Cox

Publisher: DC Comics


This issue concludes the arc, and I've been disappointed with the resolution. I didn't exactly expect it to end with a bang, but it was an uncompelling ending to an uncompelling story.


Tahani, or Knife as she calls herself, gets a bit of much-needed development here. Her background is explored and her hatred of Kate Kane is revealed, and makes sense within the context of she and Kate's relationship to Safiyah.


There simply isn't much to talk about. Both Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion are trying to build up this behind-the-scenes mystery involving Kate and this mysterious manipulator, whose identity should be very obvious by now given how much attention the writers are drawing to that character's absence.


Steve Epting's art was great, as usual. If the upcoming solicits are to be trusted, however, this might be Epting's last issue and that's a shame. His art provided a different flavour and it captured the mature aspect of the story.


The ending to Batwoman's first Rebirth arc was a severe disappointment. It certainly tied things together, but the story being told isn't very interesting and can sometimes be very convoluted. Epting's art was great but it's doubtful he'll ever contribute to the series again.

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