Suicide Squad #19

by Hussein Wasiti on June 14, 2017

Writer: Rob Williams

Artist: Neil Edwards

Colourist: Tomeu Morey

Publisher: DC Comics


This book has been using the event of the recent Action Comics arc in a smart and fun way. It's a shame it's over now, but it's for the best. This book has been relying on exterior threats and their ramifications for quite too long and it's time to move on and tell more stories.


This issue ends the Earthlings on Fire arc, and it was satisfying. We get some genuine, honest-to-god game changers that will be felt in the book for issues to come. To detail them would be to spoil the ending, but my issue with the big event was how the set-up was really shoe-horned in a few issues ago. I felt and understood the repercussions though, and I think Rob Williams handled it very well.


The pair-up of Zod with the Eradicator and Cyborg Superman was awesome, and the fact that we’ll be seeing them in Action Comics has me excited. Both the Revenge Squad and Zod have good, conflicting motivations that made their actions make sense.


Tony S. Daniel didn't draw this. I don't know if he'll ever show up in the book again, but it was nice having consistent art while it lasted. Neil Edwards is on board here. I think Edwards has a style that is similar to Daniels, which explains why he was chosen, and I think his art was good. He exaggerated a few faces here and there but he did a great job.


Amanda Waller was almost the star of the show here. She had some great hero moments that made me tolerate the character more, as I've always had this deep disdain for her.


Williams wraps up this short arc in a fun, explosive way, one that'll see a couple of characters really deal with the events in the stories to come. The art couldn't hold up to Daniel's previous work but Edwards was the best replacement they could have found.

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