New Super-Man #12

by Hussein Wasiti on June 14, 2017

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Artist: Billy Tan

Colourist: Gadson

Publisher: DC Comics


This series continues to provide strong storytelling, despite telegraphing a few of its plot beats.


Gene Luen Yang is doing great work with this series. Not only has he created a new character, but he has quickly constructed an interesting world and supporting characters to surround this character. He's also rooting the character in continuity, despite some of the confusion over his origins due to the Superman Reborn storyline.


The Super-Man Zero character from The Final Days of Superman returned in the last issue and Kong Kenan has to stop him before he destroys Shanghai with his destructive methods. The dichotomy between these character is touched upon really lightly, and it's obvious we'll be seeing more of their interactions in the issues to come.


Yang also shows Wonder-Woman's backstory, which was excellently handled and in keeping with the more mythical aspects of the original Wonder Woman's history.


I was a big fan of Viktor Bogdanovic's art but I feel like Billy Tan's style fits the tone and story of the book a lot more. It definitely feels more epic and sweeping, and I loved Gadson's colouring.


As for the ending, which was a cliffhanger; I won't say I didn't expect it, since the reveal was a personal theory of mine. It certainly makes the future of the story more interesting, and I'm sure Yang will make it even better than we expect.


This is another strong outing for the series. Kong's rivalry with Super-Man Zero begins here and I'm excited to see how their relationship develops. Tan's art was great, as usual, and the cliffhanger should entice some more readers to finally hop into the book.

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