Spider-Man Noir #1 Review

by Harlan Ivester on March 04, 2020

Writer: Margaret Stohl
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham
Publisher: Marvel Comics

     Noir is in, apparently. After last week’s excellent Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1, I was more excited for this book than I normally might have been, even though there are no creators shared between the two. Spider-Man Noir #1 finds 1939’s Peter Parker back on the streets, having survived his gruesome death in Spider-Geddon. Don’t ask me how. Before too long, he’s trying to find a young woman’s murderer. There’s not too much to spoil; this issue ends on the promise of the adventure that will hopefully unfold in that mystery. For me, that’s not enough to get hooked on the series. The dialogue is pretty good at being snappy when Stohl wants it to be, but aside from that, there’s nothing that I found memorable about it.

     Juan Ferreyra’s contributions are certainly my favorite thing this book has going for it. He, of course, leans very heavily into the noir thematics one would expect in a story such as this. Contrasting tones that compose the lighting, muddy backgrounds. It’s all very appropriate and makes the story feel much more devoted than it would otherwise. The action is exciting and frantic, with real weight and speed empowering every movement.

     Aside from some really solid visuals, I didn’t find anything in this book that has me tempted or curious to see where it is going. That’s not to say there’s anything bad about it – just nothing remarkable. If the noir setting is absolutely your thing, then you probably don’t need me to tell you to pick this up. Otherwise, I would check it out on MU if you’re interested.

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