Spider-Geddon #5 Review

by Harlan Ivester on December 19, 2018

Writer: Christos Gage
Pencilers: Jorge Molina, Caro Barberi, Stefano Caselli, Joey Vazquez
Inkers: Jay Leisten, Jose Marzan Jr., Stefano Caselli, Joey Vazquez
Colorist: David Curiel
Publisher: Marvel Comics

            Welcome back to another round of “Harlan sucks the fun out of everything”. Spider-Geddon was serviceable but this final issue is a good example of what has held the series back as a whole.

            It’s hard to really pin point exactly what it is that Spider-Geddon did wrong. Is it that the Inheritors are all still interchangeable with one another? Is it the afterthought of a rule book? Or the overall lack of any story beat that gives you any sort of emotional punch? Miles wielding the Enigma Force was pretty hype, sure, but I need more than that alone to get my fill. People who actually chipped in on the tie ins and spin-offs will actually be satisfied with the effects that those had here, but some of them (Spider-Girls) still feel totally unwarranted even with context. Likewise, Spider-Gwen’s new name drop is of course totally ham-fisted. Is anybody actually behind it? The moral dilemma of Spider-Geddon is still pretty unfocused or just not thought out. Spoilers but who cares – Miles and Otto compromise on killing the Inheritors only by technicality. Miles kills Solus (uhhhhhh, huh?), and the rest of them get cloned into normal babies with their memories wiped. In what way is that really any different from killing them?

            There’s a lot of artists here and I’m not going to go through them all, but they all have a pretty similar style that makes the changes actually pretty subtle most of the time. My favorite panels this issue are the ones featuring Miles and the Enigma Force. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get a full page of it. David Curiel makes panels a lot more interesting when the setting or background would make them pretty plain otherwise. These shots are so overcrowded yet lacking in environmental detail, so it can make you really appreciate just how much the shading adds to visuals.

            Spider-Verse was better. The movie was the best. If you want a multiple Spider-Man experience, just go see the movie. It’s not just better in comparison; it’s one of the best super hero movies ever. Spider-Geddon isn’t worth your time and you’re not going to remember it in T-minus one week. It’s mainly unfocused and solid art only does so much for such a mediocre story. Pass.


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