Spider-Geddon #4 Review

by Harlan Ivester on November 21, 2018

Writer: Christos Gage
Pencilers: Jorge Molina & Carlo Barberi
Inkers: Jay Leisten & Jose Marzan Jr.
Colorist: David Curiel
Publisher: Marvel Comics

            I have some concerns.

            The thing about Spider-Geddon is it doesn’t seem to very much respect the story that it’s a sequel, too. There’s a ton of stuff in this issue (and maybe the next? We’ll see.) That directly goes against the rules laid out by Dan Slott in Spider-Verse, many moons ago. The Inheritors can’t eat Spider-Woman because she’s “infused with radiation”? I seem to recall a song about her male counterpart being strong, but what was the next part? The Web of Life and Destiny is a portal now. Huh? It used to be related to time, and it was a mystical explanation for spider-sense. I guess that’s out the window. Fans of Spider-Verse will be miffed at least by the changes made here. People who weren’t so fond of that story— well, this one’s definitely not doing things any better. It’s still unclear where the “good” heroes stand on killing now, and it’s not like the story is playing up that uncertainty.
             Molina and Barberi try to emphasize the put the “Geddon” in Spider-Geddon. It makes sense to portay the book as gloom and doom when they’re being hunted to extinction, but the script itself doesn’t really support that idea. Sure, it’s there, but the tone is much happier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this book needs to be super serious. I just don’t think the art matches the story, even if their reasoning makes sense. I have to say, I’m not a fan of their spider eyes either. They can be really awkward and completely miss the inflictions of a conversation. Curiel’s shading suffers from the same tone mismatch as the pencils. It’s good and it helps bring the series back down to the more consequential fight to the death you’d expect, but it never quite clicks into place.
             Spider-Geddon feels rather unfocused. Changing rules left and right and acting out of character, it makes me certain that this book won’t be remembered in a few months. Yeah, a couple heroes died. They’ll be back. Because nobody cares if the story itself is presented like this. 6/10, but just barely. 

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