The Amazing Spider-Man #6 Review

by Harlan Ivester on September 26, 2018

Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciler: Humberto Ramos
Inker: Victor Olazaba
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Publisher: Marvel Comics

            Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man took a bit of a breather after starting out so strong back in July, so many of us have been eager to see the set ups from the FCBD issue pay off. Man, was it worth it. This is easily my favorite issue of this run since it started.

            Fans of Spencer’s Superior Foes will be especially ecstatic after reading this issue; it’s a spiritual successor in a couple surprising ways that I won’t spoil. It’s absurdist but also weirdly reeled back humor, only it works even better now because we’re seeing it from Peter’s point of view. Looking back, I’m surprised at the emotions the issue pulled out of me. I was laughing for most of it, but Peter’s unexpected arc in this single issue brought me along and left me dreading / so eager to see his night out with Fred blow up in his face. It’s a perfect example of Nick Spencer’s awesome talent for writing hilarious banter while simultaneously developing any letter grade villain and reminding us that they are in fact people. I think a reliable measure of greatness in a book is being able to read it as just a script and still enjoying it, and Amazing Spider-Man #6’s script passes with flying colors. Oh, and Spencer even pulls off a tie in to Secret Empire, one of my favorite events from Marvel. I think I just really like this guy.

            Humberto Ramos is up as rotating artist for this arc. I think his art is very love it or hate it in general, but I’m a fan and frankly have missed him penciling Spider-Man because his stories are so inherently fun and energetic, making Ramos a great fit. Faces can be a little inconsistent, but I consider it a sacrifice that he makes to enhance the acting. It’s a trade that lends itself very well to a script that often relies on reactions in odd situations. Edgar Delgado lights the book excellently and makes all the colors really pop, something I really appreciate in a Spider-Man title. Even in a particular moody bar which shall not be named, he embraces the designs of the characters and how their presented by Ramos while still doing the environment itself justice. It’s strange how well the two actually work together.

            I’m very happy to see Amazing Spider-Man picking up steam again. Everything about Spencer’s writing is so beautifully executed, it’s got me itching to go back and read Superior Foes again. Ramos and Victor Olazaba create a very flexible but overall fun perspective and Delgado ties it all up in a neat bow. There's no need for me to qualify buyers here. I simply have to recommend this book to any and every reader. Go buy it.

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