Venomized#3 Review

by Harlan Ivester on April 18, 2018

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Iban Coello
Colorist: Matt Yackey
Publisher: Marvel Comics

            Venomized is such a weird story. It’s got its ups, but they’re just not that high in comparison to the downs. Maybe if the creators had taken their time instead of rushing out a weekly event, this could have been the Jason Statham flick / butt rock fusion in the form of a Venom book that it had the potential to be. Instead, it’s forgettable and sometimes questionable, like any Jason Statham flick or butt rock song, but in a much less enjoyable way. No spoilers here.

            Right off the bat, Venomized #3 falls into a trap that’s a little too common in comic books these days: it sets up a cliffhanger involving some serious threat in one issue, and the next almost immediately resolves it in the most anticlimactic way possible. Yes, the resolution makes sense, but it ultimately added nothing to the story, so what was the point? This book and event as a whole is full of moments that are clearly trying so hard to be epic ones that readers will talk about for years, but they fall so flat. This is not Franklin Richards reviving Galactus. There’s nothing like that here, as much as the creators seem to want there to be. Venom fans’ satisfaction with this issue regarding their protagonist could go either way, depending on which Venom they prefer. Eddie, who is the current Venom and featured on every cover of the event, is doing absolutely nothing, while Flash is finally stepping up, rather than being killed by the Hulk in one page. I’m sure Eddie will step up in the last issue to deliver the final blow to the Poisons and it will feel totally unwarranted.

            I’ve enjoyed Iban Coello’s work so far, but in this issue, there’s some noticeable inconsistencies. Jane Foster looks way too healthy compared to herself in the Mighty Thor, or any other book for that matter. She has some actual muscle and seems to be able to run on her own, and it looks like she’s had a complete wardrobe change. I’m used to Jessica Jones being illustrated closer to Kristen Ritter lately, so it feels a little weird seeing her look she did in her Jewel days. Some panels show two characters talking, but one is a newly Poisoned character. Since they all share similar designs around the face, it makes it hard to tell just who it is. Action panels could benefit from some room to breathe; the “camera” is just a little too close sometimes, and some more context would make it flow better. Colorist Matt Yackey is the highlight for me still, thanks in part to Thor’s presence. The lightning makes for pleasantly abrupt changes in scenery, and Yackey still doesn’t shy away from the natural bright tones that are supposed to go with super heroes. The way he turns on a dime to harsh reds to highlight the danger of Poisons keeps me from completely disregarding them as a threat.

            Venomized is very steadily declining. We’re already almost done with what is – need I remind you? —the third Venom event featuring the Poisons in seven months. You’d think since he pitched so many ideas in rapid succession, Bunn would have a clear idea for what it is he wants to do with them. But this appears to be the end, and I hope it truly is. The book looks good for the most part, but it’s not enough to save it from bland villains, bad pacing, uninspired dialogue, and questionable decisions at almost every turn. As the great Jeremy Jahns would say, you’re not going to remember it in T-minus one day.

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