Spider-Gwen #29 Review

by Harlan Ivester on March 01, 2018

Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Robbi Rodriguez
Colorist: Rico Renzi
Publisher: Marvel Comics
            The Gwenom arc his really fired things up. It’s addressed many of my problems with the series that have recently come to light, and made some serious progress that puts it back on the level that it was back in the Weapon of Choice story. It truly feels like the culmination of everything laid out in the book so far (although the last page may have you scratching your head), rather than a tacked on, “Gwen has a symbiote,” story. This is an issue that takes things a step further to remind me why I loved Spider-Gwen in the first place. No spoilers here. You’re safe with me.
            This entry continues the tradition of framing the plot in a scat between Watchers, which I admittedly did enjoy. It’s a prime example of the humor that Jason Latour loves to throw in every now and then so that we don’t get so bogged down by just how, as Utau puts it, depressing things have gotten on Earth-65. However, it’s when they start to comment on the events in the middle of the book that I feel they’ve overstayed their welcome to a degree, even if I did laugh at what they had to say. I couldn’t shake the feeling that they were taking up precious space on a page when I wanted more of that juicy throw down between the Kingpin and the Punisher – and damn, is it juicy. This one really delivers on the fight we were promised at the end of the last issue, with some really entertaining exchanges between characters to join. Frank has some great things to say about Gwen’s role in all this. Looking back, between that, Utau’s commentary, and Ben’s lesson on responsibility, it feels like Latour might have been checking the subreddit. That’s to say, my issues with this book have been acknowledged and, in most cases, fixed. It’s great to see the writing side of the team so on top of things. Now, no spoilers, but I have to admit, the last page has me a little worried. It’s a reveal that feels pretty out of left field, and I fear it may derail the magic that the story had going for it. But Latour has surprised me before, so I’m open to the idea.
            As I mentioned, there’s a big fight in this issue, and the art team clearly went all out. This is an issue that really shows off all the things that make me love the Robbi Rodriguez / Rico Renzi combo. Even when borders go out the window to convey a sense of speed, action is, thankfully, easy to follow. These events just wouldn’t have the same impact – they wouldn’t hit as hard, if that weren’t the case. The same goes for the success of body language and facial expressions. They’re exaggerated, but not over the top. And there’s some really satisfying imagery here. I mean, things that you’ve wanted to see since before “Radioactive” got added to the title (I wish it were still there…). Renzi raises the commotion with shades of purple and black that complement the chaotic air exceptionally. One of my favorite panels of all time is right here in the first few pages of this book, too. The shadows, the blood, the anger and determination. I’ve never seen Frank Castle looking so bad ass, alternate reality or not.
            In case you couldn’t tell, I am extremely satisfied with Spider-Gwen right now. The entire team is just so on top of their game, firing on all cylinders. The best way I can describe it is that this issue feels like the scene in the Avengers when the Hulk gets angry, and then we get the circle shot. Not in tone, mind you, but in that everything clicks into place in order to deliver the most satisfying moments in the series thus far. No matter where you stand as a reader, I am absolutely, one hundred percent going to recommend that you pick this up.

Also, from now on, I'll be doing a Spider-Gwen "Heh counter".

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