X-Men Gold #19

by Harlan Ivester on January 03, 2018

X-Men Gold #19
Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Penciler: Diego Bernard
Inker: JP Mayer
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Publisher: Marvel Comics

          If there’s one thing I can say about X-Men Gold #19, it’s that it’s just plain over-the-top fun. The Negative Zone, mutants, resurrected gods, etc. At a glance, everything about this issue is bonkers, and in a good way. If I can say another thing, though, I’ll add that the conclusion to this arc is nothing you haven’t seen before and is uninspired, too. The turn-off-your-brain kind of fun. Unforuntaley, that has been pulled off in much better ways than this.

          To be completely honest, this book’s narrative simply didn’t grab my attention at all. I won’t say that it’s entirely devoid of substance. Kologoth is obviously very much like our heroes…if they didn’t become heroes. That would have potential for interesting conflict if it hadn’t been done a million times already. At least it made for a cool one-liner from Logan? Frankly, I can’t think of a single thing in this issue that I’ll remember tomorrow. As far as character interactions, dialogue, etc. goes, everything in this book is very much in one eye and out the other. 
          Thankfully, Diego Bernard, JP Mayer, and Chris Sotomayor make getting through this book enjoyable enough. They take full advantage of the alien setting to give us some really fun backdrops. As the action gets going, the layout of the panels gets more and more unconventional. The absence of white borders between shots makes everything feel that much more frantic and exciting. Proportions are noticeably consistent, and perspectives are more varied than one might expect.
           The visuals are without a doubt the saving grace of issue 19 of X-Men Gold, but they can only do so much for such bland writing. They try to have memorable moments, whether they're of romance or mutants kicking ass, but I feel that no one will find any of them to be successful in staying in their minds after putting the book down and searching for something that will give them what they're really looking for. This isn't a bad issue, just an aggressively mediocre one. If you're looking for your X-Men fix, I would check out one of the other twenty books being released. 

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