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Kim Reaper #1

by Forrest.H on April 05, 2017

Kim Reaper #1
Writing and Art: Sarah Graley
Letters: CRANK!
Publisher: Oni Press
“She is a gothic angel sent from the Heavens! Or Hell? I don’t know how goths work”

With Kim Reaper, writer and artist extraordinaire, Sarah Graley, whose web comic work I have admired from afar for a long time, brings a world of badass art school goth grim reapers and buff cat men to fantastic - and fun - life in equal measure.

In a relatively slow, but entirely charming start to the series, we’re introduced to Becka, art school girl, queer as heck, and her crush who couldn’t care less, Kim (of Kim Reaper). Things quickly go sideways, in a delightful way for readers, and Becka and Kim find themselves relying on each other to help Kim not get fired by ya know…Death.

It’s an enchanting issue, aesthetically pleasing, laugh out loud funny and well-drawn.

It may not be for everyone, especially those who prefer their comics fraught with superheroes and villains their battles brought to life in overwhelming and detailed art but Graley really appeals to a certain niche here. One I find myself happily in. There’s vibrant colors, hilarity woven into the writing and the art, and a certain, almost intangible charm of inclusivity, diversity and compelling friendliness. A laundry list of things really, that as a queer-identifying person, I’ve seen handled dismally time and time again in this medium, welcoming and on display here in relatable but compelling way.

It’s hard to tell right now if Becka and Kim will get together, if their budding friendship is the driving force here, if Kim’s struggles with her job might be or whatever else Graley throws at them. Ultimately, the issue could’ve done a little better setting up the focal points of the series, but if the rest of the issues are as charming as this, I’m here for them.  

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