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God Country #3

by Forrest.H on March 15, 2017

God Country 3 header image
God Country #3

Writer: Donny Cates
Art: Geoff Shaw
Color: Jason Wordie
Letters & Design: John J. Hill
Publisher: Image
Cates, Shaw and Wordie deliver, again, a stellar space-age high-action issue grounded in authentic human drama with God Country #3.

As the humble, true-to-Texas, Quinlans reel from the events of the first two issues, they mistake relative quietness for security. A mistake which, by the issues sucker punch ending, proves to be dire.

It’s a well written issue that appropriately rides the line between human drama and extrasolar warfare. Cates smartly adds some weight to the relationship between father and son here, touching on past slights both perceived and actual that makes this relationship, key to the narrative, feel authentic. Similarly, the relationship between Papa Quinlan and the blade of all blades – Valofax - is experiencing some growing pains, something I expect to change over the course of the series in interesting ways but doesn’t exactly lift off here.

Then, there’s an expected but still shocking reveal, the Quinlans are square in the sights of a new God in the already impressive pantheon created by this talented team. And it is a God to fear.

Shaw and Wordie bring that God and his legions to undead life in equal measure. Shaw’s art isn’t given the same opportunity to shine here as the first two issues did, as most of the issue is inside or darkened and the art’s strength thus far lies in stunning landscapes, but it still does the gritty, nail-biting, job. Particularly impressive too, is Wordie’s palette greys, blues, blacks, greens and even pinks and purples play off each other incredibly well measure. Kirby Krackle and all, the issue is impressive, if given less breathing room than previous ones.

“What it really was, and Lord help ‘em, they couldn’t have known this, was a time to batten down.” The issue warningly starts off, but more than anything it’s time for readers of all kinds to be picking this book up. 

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