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The Belfry

by Forrest.H on February 22, 2017

The Belfry
Writer and Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Publisher: Image
A terrifying respite from the stellar Invisible Republic, Hardman crashes readers headfirst into the tormented Belfry world in a gripping, short, dispatch from a terrifying and dark place.

It’s a horror one shot firing on all cylinders. A swath of leathery black wings obscuring the already oppressively black night sky, blood spewing, eyes gouged, victims taken in a delirious fever pitch nightmare of an artistic layout.

Everything feels hurried, close, on the edge of collapse in a perfectly orchestrated way. It’s similar in effect to the final act of the equally good, sadly overlooked, Jeff Bridges movie Bone Tomahawk. A kind of otherworldly force, indominable, exhorting its will on the unexpecting. You'll sadly, be wanting for more when the issue concludes but you can't fault it for what it is, a compelling, effective tale of darkness and questionable final freedom. 

Maybe it’s a commentary on some dark primal fear of extinction forcing literal fight or flight tactics. A Van-Helsing-esque self-preservation. Maybe it’s just a horror one shot. Whatever its themes, messages, meanings may be, the issue is a good one. Short, straight to the point and expertly done. A good pickup for those interested in the genre being done right. 

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