God Country #2

by Forrest.H on February 15, 2017

God Country #2

Writer: Donny Cates
Art: Geoff Shaw
Colors: Jason Wordie
Letters & Design: John J. Hill
Publisher: Image
After a stellar introductory issue, the God Country team follows up with a second, equally stellar, salvo. An issue that deftly, with the precision of an otherworldly blade, hones in on the cosmic narrative stakes at play in this enthralling tale of Gods and men.

Emmett Quinlan is, effectively, on a universal watch list. His newly found blade, Valofax, a homing beacon for Demons (easily slain for now) and perhaps more frighteningly, Gods. However, the benefits of wielding the immensely powerful blade, for now, outweigh the beleaguerments.

The writing throughout is raw, honest, believable and accessible even in the narrative’s most complex moments, bouncing effortlessly between issues of human fragility as well as far off, near alien threats tinged in the best of sci-fi elements.

 The art is layered, painstakingly choreographed to excellent effect and comprehensively evocative of bigger things, star laden capes and all, to come. Especially bewildering, is the purple tinted scenes of explosion and rebuilding early in the issue, channeling Kirby’s well known cosmic palette.

It’s a slower issue than the previous, but that doesn’t mean it misses a beat either, it channels all the good energies from the first issue into something here that I think builds a very strong foundation for a hell of a series that Cates has more than proven by now, he is capable of piloting.

Our stalwart Texan hero, under excellent penmanship, and brought to life by a more-than-impressive artistic team, means to keep the very blade that is most assuredly putting himself and his family in danger by the end of this issue, a decision which leads the series into a surefooted second step and charts the course for compelling, cosmically bewildering and bombastic feats of God, man and everything in between (or perhaps arising from below) to come. 

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