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Aliens: Defiance #1

by Forrest.H on March 30, 2016

 True to the horrifying roots.

Aliens: Defiance #1

Writer – Brian Wood
Artist – Tristan Jones
Colorist – Dan Jackson
Letters – Nate Piekos

For me, the Alien(s) tetralogy and its myriad of spin off properties including Dark Horse’s often phenomenal comic series, have always been about resilience.

Brian Wood, Tristan Jones, Dan Jackson and Nate Piekos’ first offering of Dark Horse’s new run at the Aliens property, Aliens: Defiance, is equally about resilience, while administering a heavy dose of other things the series is known for including horror, grit, claustrophobia and the titular aliens in equal measure.

In quick succession over the first few pages, and in harmony with everything Aliens is about, readers are introduced to Zula Hendricks, a strong (and resilient) women with her own “personal demons”, a contingency of Weyland-Yutani synthetic soldiers, and a derelict ship inhabited by horrible, equally resilient, things. From there on out: chaos, beautifully executed, ensues.

Wood provides a well-paced first issue that hints at horrible things, and potentially powerful revelations, to come for Hendricks and her synthetic companion Davis as they journey further and further into the black, acidic laden webbing of Weyland-Yutani schemes and xenomorph-infested intrigue.


The characters are given compelling personalities (Isolation fans: keep an eye out) and interests, the aliens are as horrifying as ever, and the cramped, gritty ship: Europa offers the perfect setting for an exploration into the unknown headed by the resilient Hendricks and Davis against all odds.

Jones, who I have followed on Twitter for some time and is perhaps the biggest Alien fan I can think of, proves his worth as an artist on an Alien book in immediacy, grit, a play between light and dark and more. The Europa, Hendricks’ clothes, the synthetics, and the horrifying and dominating xenomorphs all in fitting with their source material but unique to Jones, too, in a style he perfected in Silent Hill, Mad Max and the likes run over the last year.  

Accompanied by the colors of Jackson who understands the dark, 70s nostalgic appeal of Alien’s environments, the book’s heroes, monsters and green-tinted computer screens are all brought to life equally well.

It’s a stellar sci-fi horror comic in its own right, and it’s a hell of an Aliens one, too. I’m excited for where Hendricks and Davis are headed even if they have no right to be. 

Aliens: Defiance first order cutoff is April 4th and the first issue releases April 27. 

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