Negative Space #1

by Forrest.H on June 14, 2015

Story: Ryan K. Lindsay
Art: Owen Gieni
Negative Space is a hard, sad and, incredibly important read. It’s a book about monsters and personal demons. It’s a book about sadness and weight, guilt and a lost sense of purpose. It’s an emotionally, resonate, rich and terrifying sci-fi horror book that demands your full attention and, rewards you for giving it.

Guy, our main character, a down-trodden everyman whose life seems to be manipulated from beyond for the worse sits down to pen his suicide note and gets writer’s block. Then? Things get weird.

Weird, in the best possible lovecraftian types of ways. 

Lindsay’s writing is sharp, smart and effective. You feel bits of yourself in Guy. It’s cathartic and scary all at once. It’s personal and strangely distant, like a dark twisted fairy tale that exists somewhere between a world of fictionand our own. Lindsay writes a human story that hinges on the existence of soul sucking, emotionally draining monsters that you yourself may feel like exist from time-to-time.

Gieni’s art, too is wonderfully dark and intriguing. It perfectly matches the tone of the story. It’s gritty, unrepentant and scary. Guy is a sympathetic character existing in a hostile, sad world and Gieni brings that idea to life.

This first issue is a dark, gritty book that toys with your emotions and perceptions. It’s well written and intriguing and, it shows no sign of stopping now as Guy heads down a dark, twisted and conspiracy-laden path with very real monsters waiting for him at the end. 

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