Detective Comics #31

by F.D. White on May 07, 2014

Written by: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccelletto
Art by: Francis Manapul 

Detective Comics #31 is a beautiful thing. Literally. I mean, my god, it can’t be any prettier to look at. Francis Manapul could draw a book of Batman shitting for 32 pages and I would probably buy it. Scratch that, I would definitely but it.

I’ve come to expect that caliber of art from Manapul. What makes this series so special isn’t just the art, but it’s the story that is being crafted. We haven’t really seen a street level Batman story in a while. From Snyder’s bombastic Batman run, to the previous lame-fest that was Detective Comics, everything feels a little bloated. Here though we get to see Batman actually showcase some of his “World’s Greatest Detective” skills. These storytelling moments are only enhanced by the brilliant artwork.

Another big draw here is the focus on street level crime. Too often do we see Gotham get swept up in super-villainy. Just compare this series to the flagship title. These books are almost in entirely different worlds. Kudos to the Buccelletto and Manapul for distancing themselves from previous Batman books and doing their own thing.

At the same time, it’s also nice to see this tie in with Batman Eternal. At least it has some cohesion with the rest of the DC universe while the comic still maintains its own identity.

This issue really has it all for a Bat-fan: street level Gotham crime, actual detective work, close quarters combat, and an intriguing mystery. Let’s just hope that this series doesn’t try fly too close to the sun.

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