The Wake #8

by F.D. White on May 07, 2014

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Sean Murphy

I’m a self-professed Snyder groupie. He has consistently put out some of my favorite comics in recent years ranging from things like Severed to Batman. I even love his short story collection, “Voodoo Heart” (Seriously, check it out. It’s great.) Going back and re-reading the first of The Wake leaves me with the impression of a possible new modern horror masterpiece. Lee Archer’s predicament is truly a terrifying and exasperating journey. That’s after I went back and RE-READ it. The Wake has always been a book that I’ve never been completely satisfied by issue to issue.

This problem continues in the issue #8. I know in the long haul this issue is important. It’s setting up a lot of things that will eventually be important. But the issue itself isn’t very entertaining. Hardly anything happens at all. When I go back and re-read the entire story this issue will be a necessary component, but as it stands right now it’s just not an entertaining one. Snyder has always written his comics like novelist. I think this is why I’ve always enjoyed him as a writer. He almost always plays the long game, drawing out the readers’ expectations before a rallying conclusion. That being said, it doesn’t always translate so well into a monthly comic.

I'm also not completely sold on the Vivienne or her lackeys. We haven't really been told very much about them or why they're trying so desperately to stop Leeward. This issue does a little bit of character development towards that, but not much. It's more of a mystery than anything. I'm assuming these details will be fleshed out later. 

Luckily, Snyder is teamed up with Sean Murphy who is really on his game in this book. Pages of exposition or dialogue become solely interesting because of his page design and drawings. If Snyder is the brain of this book, Murphy is the blood pumping through the veins of the comic keeping it alive.

This is an issue for the long game. It’s not entirely satisfying by itself, but it will hopefully be necessary to wrap up the series.

F.D. White wants to apologize to Scott Snyder for not fully enjoying this issue. He'll do better next time. You can follow him on Twitter @fdwhite19

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