Black Science #6

by F.D. White on April 29, 2014

Written by: Rick Remender
Art by: Matteo Scalera
Colors by: Dean White

“Ideology is masturbation—a jerk-off afforded to those few privileged with time on their hands and no wolves at the door. Put that shit to test in the field—this is what you get—compromise. Violence. A savage monkey willing to die so long as he destroys his enemy.”

Black Science, as a series so far, has always been about the consequences of Grant McKay’s actions and how they ripple throughout his life, and consequently time and space. Black Science #6 culminates in this idea with one whip-crack of an issue. In my opinion, it is easily the series' best. This is about as good as comics can get. It’ll be hard to talk about this issue without spoilers, but I’ll try my best. This is the last issue of the first arc, and the last issue we’ll be getting until July, so don’t be surprised that this issue is barreling towards a cliff.

Remender is on fire here with a great internal monologues from both Grant and Kadir. Initially, Kadir was set up as a classic villain: conniving, sneaky, the kind of guy you just want to punch in the face. It’s great to see that may not be the case, and going forward his character will be interesting to follow. We also get some scenes involving the rest of the crew. Grant’s kids seem to finally becoming their own characters. I want more scenes between them and Rebecca. There’s a lot of animosity there that needs to be played out. Going forward I’m hoping to see these characters get fleshed out more since these past six issues have mostly focused on Grant and Kadir. Not that I don’t get more of them as well.

As usual, Matteo Scalera and Dean White are absolutely astounding. The art in this book is one of my favorites currently. They work in tandem to provide an experience that few comics have today. Part of the reason to come back every month is to see what magical world these guys will take us to next. It’s getting hard to find more ways to praise the art.

Once again, the Black Science creative team knocks it out of the park with a fast, fun, and emotionally impressive issue. July really can’t come fast enough.

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