Elektra #1

by F.D. White on April 23, 2014

Written by: Haden Blackman
Art by: Michael Del Mundo
Colors by: Michael Del Mundo w/ Marco D'Alfonso

Let me start by prefacing that I know almost nothing about Elektra as a character. I started this comic fresh, so I’m going to review it as someone new to the character. That being said, my lack of knowledge towards her character and history was not a fault, thanks to how well Elektra #1 was handled. Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo put all of her necessary backstory on display through lush two page spreads, and let me tell you they are lush.

Mike Del Mundo’s artwork here is in full force. It’s vivid, almost dream-like quality is truly breathtaking. I’ve never seen so many two-page spreads in one single book, let alone so many utilized so well. The colors pop and fit well with the art style. On the whole, the art reminds me of Matteo Scalera’s work in “Black Science”, and that’s always a compliment. I spent so much time dissecting every page, just absorbing the artwork for its beauty.

But, as we all know, a pretty book isn’t the only thing necessary to make it successful. Thankfully, the story matches up with art. Never has a set-up issue been so interesting. Blackman is building a very epic tale for Elektra, a massive hunt for a deadly assassin. Amongst this hunt are other deadly assassins making it that much more deadly. This concept of hunt and hunted has been done before, so what will make this even more interesting is Elektra’s inner turmoil that she’s facing. Her personal story will have to guide this beyond just another bloody beat ‘em up story. Luckily, both the personal and epic sides to this story are on display and I can only imagine that it will get more intense as the series goes on.

Elektra #1 is being released during a boom of strong female-led books including Ms. Marvel and Rat Queens, and it fits in nicely with them. It looks to be the start of something special with a large-scale, yet personal story, and mouth-watering art. This book has just jumped towards the top of my list in terms of most anticipated come next month. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go read this again.

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