Wayward #8

by F.D. White on May 27, 2015

Story: Jim Zub
Line Art: Steve Cummings
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Back Matter: Zack Davisson

Strings are a very important part of Wayward. They connect us to one another, combine many of them and they are stronger than one alone. Even the plot is reflexive of those ideas. It is very much like a string of yarn. At the beginning we follow one singular path (Rori's) and trace this string up until the end of the first arc. Then the string is broken apart into threads. Most of the second arc has been about resolving this, about finding all of the threads and putting them back together to travel along a single string again.
For the most part, putting the threads back together has been an enthralling section in the Wayward story. New characters introduced, others missing, the element of danger more present than ever, but now it's clear that the threads are beginning to come back together (albeit slowly, methodically) and it's leading us in a direction that is hard to see. This crystal ball is opaque. This is a slower paced issue compared to the last few. Time is spent allowing the reader to gather themselves like Rori does. We get small character moments that help to shape everyone. Minus a moment where Rori reaches into the web of strings and sees more of the future than she should probably see*, this is a quiet book. It's also interesting to note that Rori's main ability involves weaving threads, tracing them, following them, maybe even eventually creating them?, and the new antagonist is a woman who controls spiders (known for dealing in thread, strings, and webs). It'll be very exciting on a figurative level to see how these characters clash.

*Kudos to Steve Cummings and Tamra Bonvillain for creating some of the most epic multiple back-to-back splash pages I've seen in a comic. This was read digitally and I can't wait to see how they look in the physical copy. The line work and attention to detail is insane. The colors pop with an intense vibrancy. The whole thing is overwhelming sensation for your eyes. When you get to those pages take a moment to really appreciate it.

Take a breather from all the violence and action, regroup, and get ready for what comes next in this issue of Wayward.

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