Wayward #7

by F.D. White on April 29, 2015

Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Steve Cummings
Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Back Matter: Zack Davisson

    Big things are happening in the Wayward world. Emi has been introduced and so has her incredible matter manipulation powers. Effectively taking the place of Rori in terms of being the main POV character, Emi has been an interesting counterpoint. Unlike Rori who is seemingly whisked into Japan, Emi has lived there all her life, and despite that she has still suffered from the same alienation and loneliness that Rori feels. It's an interesting dichotomy on how these feelings don't come from one source, but come from both internal and external influences.
    On top of this excellent look into emotion and character nuance, we also get to see Emi's powers...AND THEY ARE AWESOME. It's an interesting take on matter manipulation. Not only does she have the ability to control man-made matter (an interesting twist), she can also absorb and become the man-made materials she is touching.
    As Emi assimilates more into the group, we also get to see how the demons of Japan function together. In one of the most arresting scenes, the demons convene and their tension is palpable. By the end of the scene it is clear that this story won't be as easy as good vs evil.
    Writer Jim Zub isn't the only one doing the storytelling, though. Steve Cummings line art is exceptional. His characters tell more about themselves in their looks and actions than any inner thought monologue could say. The apprehensiveness and hidden excitement Emi feels is in every line of her character. Adding to that is Tamra Bonvillain's lush coloring. As usual, the world feels vibrant and real thanks to her work.
    Wayward has yet to slow down with seven excellent back to back issues. This is a story that could go down as one of the best if it keeps this consistency up.

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