Wayward #5

by F.D. White on December 16, 2014

Usually, with a comic, you can tell what kind of comic it's going to be within the first issue. What story they're trying to tell, the violence level, profanity, etc. A lot of that is laid out for you on the table so you know right away: is this the book for me? I thought I had Wayward pegged, but this issue has completely changed my mind. I mean, damn, this issue is WAY more violent than the rest of the series lead on. It's actually pretty damn traumatizing. So yes, in short, if you thought this might be story that was good to give your kids to, maybe read this issue first and decide for yourself.

Besides the unexpected violence, we're treated to an issue that is almost entirely action, something that I don't see to often. Whereas, last month's issue didn't feel like it anywhere, this month's issue is full steam ahead. It's raucous and fun, and reminds me of some those mangas that border the unsettling and entertaining. Zub is slowly moving the plot forward, but he gives us little information in this issue than we already knew before, which can be frustrating, because now we've gone two issues, where the plot has barely moved. In the long run, this won't matter as much, but as a monthly read it can be frustrating.

Steve Cummings shines in this issue with plenty of jaw dropping pages. Sometimes, his faces get a little wonky, but they reflect the manga style that Wayward pays homage to. It doesn't detract in anyway.

Overall, this issue is a blazer. It's fiery and explosive. It takes no prisoners, and doesn't slow down, whether you like it or not. All you can do is go along for the ride.

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