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All-New Captain America #1

by F.D. White on November 13, 2014

Following in the footsteps of Steve Rogers is a big step. Alongside pantheon characters like Batman and Superman, Steve Rogers is synonomous with his heroic identity. So when they announced that Sam Wilson, Steve's longtime partner in heroism was going to fill the shoes since Steve no longer couldn't. The internet practically exploded. Many were worried that it wouldn't be the same, with a variety of complaints coming in for various dumb reasons, but I wan't to assuage your fears. By the end of this run, Sam Wilson will be Captain America just as Steve Rogers is Captain America.

What is wonderful about this book is how natural it feels. It might seem like a huge hump to get the reader into the mindset that "Yes, Sam Wilson is now Captain America." So Remender smartly starts this book with a small, and retrospective inner monologue from Sam that leads directly into heart-pumping action. Everything about it immediately felt natural, and keeping Steve on board as a sort of Oracle works perfectly. Another thing that might have been an issue going forward was shoe-horning in Ian Rogers as the new Nomad, however, again it works very well as he and Sam play well against each other. They're friendly rivalry is enjoyable and fun and should provide some good laughs down the road.

Stuart Immomen just absolutely knocks it out of the park in this issue. It feels quintessential and classic already with just one issue. His CapFal design is brilliant, combining old and new into something that feels both fresh and iconic at the same time.

This is issue is full of fun and heart. Even though it's not Steve Rogers. This is Captain America.

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