Wayward #3

by F.D. White on October 28, 2014

Written by: Jim Zub
Line Art by: Steve Cummings
Colors by: John Rauch, Jim Zub, & Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by: Marshall Dillon

After two incredibly well-paced and fun issues, it's easy to think, “When is this all going to break down?” When will Wayward get bogged down in plot details, or stumble over a new character introduction? When will it stop being fun? I'm happy to say that it's not this issue. Wayward continues it's stride as a unique, fun, and brazen adventure.

Following last month's crazy soul-eating chapter, we're given an issue that simultaneously takes time to  revisit past happenings and contemplate on what they could mean, while propelling itself forward with new characters, plot details, and a vague sense of direction to where this could all be heading. It's great to gain a new character for Rori's team with each issue. The new addition, Nikaido, fits in well with the decidedly different, yet naturally similar personalities of Rori, Ayane, and Shirai. Also, I'm as curious to see what his powers can really do as the rest of the group.

Once again, Steve Cummings art brings Tokyo to life, whether it's the Tokyo we think we know, or the dirty run-down sections that remain hidden to most people. As I've said before I thought his backgrounds and settings were his strong suits, but as the story continues the characters look better and better. They seem more alive than previously before. Colors by John Rauch capitalize on and enhance Cummings' art. This is most evident during a climactic battle against Crazy Bones. Everything appears to shoot off of the page and is vivid in it's presentation. (Although didn't Ayane have blue hair in the first issue?)

Wayward shows no signs of slowing down and is making it's way towards my favorite book of the year.

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