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Saga #23

by F.D. White on September 25, 2014

Written by: Brian K. Vaughn
Art by: Fiona Staples

I am emotional story-experiencer (not a real word). I get very emotionally invested in the stories I read, write, watch, listen to, etc. Because of this, I don't see the big picture from time to time, and, in terms of monthly comics, I fly by the seat of my pants.


With that out of the way, I'd like to note that my friend called out the big twist in this issue as soon as the arc started. I on the other hand was too busy fretting about what the book was showing on the page to understand what it was really saying.


So...needless to say, Saga #23 was kind of a huge relief for me...kind of. While my beloved characters are still in danger, my emotional devastation has been displaced for a least another issue. Saga is a strange beast It essentially is like a person who punches me in the stomach once a month, and then takes me out for a beer.


Part of this is due to the amazing scripts from BKV, but is also because of Fiona Staples heart-shattering artwork. Can we talk about how cute Hazel is? Seriously. So cute. Staples is able to capture little emotions in big ways that pay off if you're a ready like me and cry into your copy of Saga at least once per arc.


Saga #23 is thrilling and heartbreaking in all the right ways, and leaves us with a hopeless sense of “Oh, now what can go wrong?”

F.D. White is a writer working on his first comic mini-series, "The Fourth Sun." You can follow him on Twitter @fdwhite19

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