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Nailbiter #4

by F.D. White on August 06, 2014

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Mike Henderson & Adam Guzowski

I'm shocked. Truly, I am. The mystery surrounding Nailbiter deepens, yet we might be closer to answers than we ever have before. Anyone who has been following this book will not be disappointed with where this issue goes. It's chilling and stomach-churning which is exactly the kind of thing this book should be. Joshua Williamson has now placed the carrot on a string in front of the characters faces and with no doubt they will begin to chase after it. While this issue is light on characterization (still know almost nothing about Finch) it's not short on interesting moments. We get introduced to another Buckaroo Butcher and an interesting sub-plot between Warren (Nailbiter) and Alice is beginning to take place. This is good because, as of now, Warren is the most interesting character and Alice is the least. This should hopefully propel the story forward for both characters.

The art here continues to impress with a lot of large panels that really give the comic room to breathe. It's an interesting dichotomy with a script that has seemingly pushed us closer to solving the mysteries presented to us. Not only are the layouts and panels interesting, but Henderson and Guzowski's work seem to really be hitting their stride here and showing us what they can do as a team. The art in this book has me excited for when the REALLY crazy moments begin to arise.

With even more Silence of the Lambs references, Nailbiter #4 continues to impress, shock, and elicit a few dark chuckles. If you've been looking for a “nailbiting” and suspenseful horror book then pick this up.

F.D. White is a comics writer working on his first mini-series, "The Fourth Sun." You can follow him on Twitter @fdwhite19

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