by Doug Warren on February 14, 2018

Writer: Mike Mignola, Troy Nixey
Artist: Farel Dalrymple
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Dark Horse

Jenny Finn no. 4 is a completely different comic than the first three. None of the horror feelings from the first three issues are present, and the change of artist made the shift even more obvious.

On a positive note, this book is fast paced. While the first three issues may have dragged a bit, this one gets right to the action, and we actually get to see some heroics out of Joe, who up to this point seemed to be a hapless schmuck. But, with that being said, it’s a confused mess. There was no explanation of how Jenny Finn got her final destination, or even how she reached her final state. And I want to say there was closure, but, the final two pages feels like it opened a can of worms that I would really like to see play out. But we don’t get to.

The messiah comparisons were obvious and made redundant by characters who kept chanting it.

While the other three comics may have suffered from being too slow, this one is really too rushed. I wish the first three issues would’ve been condensed into two issues and this one stretched into another two. That would’ve been four issues that were paced well.

The characters are still recognizable under Dalrymple’s pen, but they were less detailed, shaded differently, and did not have the old 50s horror feel of the other issues.

This finale was just so unsatisfying, and I really think it was the change of tone. We liked the series because of the horror aspects, and then we end up with an action adventure comic. I mean, imagine if you had a four-issue run of Superman. And it was great the first three issues, full of action and adventure, and then the final issue was handed off to the writers and artists from Tales from the Crypt. It would still be good, just not what you want.

This issue was all right. It’s just not what you’re wanting.

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