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by Doug Warren on November 22, 2017

Script: Jeff Lemire
Art, Colors, Lettering: David Rubin
Flats: Kike J. Diaz
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Lucy Weber is out of the asylum (where she was visiting, not a patient) and on the trail of the supervillans that might lead her to Sherlock Frankenstein (who hopefully can lead her to her father, superhero Black Hammer). 

The story starts out with the back-story of Chuthu-Lou, and as far as supervillan origins go, it’s a pretty funny one. Fast-forward thirteen years, and Lucy has tracked him down to grill him for information. His life is nothing like you would expect from a retired supervillan, but he helps Lucy where he can. He thinks it’s not much, but Lucy feels she’s found enough of a lead to continue her search. Also, Lucy meets someone else on that visit, and this person gives her an ominous prediction.  Was it just an offhand comment, or something that will come to fruition as the series continues?

Everything I could have to say about the artwork I said in my review for issue number 1. Quick recap: art is great, has a certain charm, and a few times I got confused and read the speech bubbles out of order.

Overall, I can appreciate how in a comic called Sherlock Frankenstein we have a “detective” gathering clues and trying to solve a mystery, and the characters we are meeting are interesting. I think this book held my attention even better than issue 1. It was definitely entertaining. But, if we don’t see some action or meet Sherlock soon, it may start to become dull.

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