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by Doug Warren on November 08, 2017

Creator, Writer, Artist: Dan Panosian
Letterer: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: Image Comics

Panosian did it again. Issue #2 didn’t suffer the sophomore slump.

Chapter one introduces all sorts of conflicts. We meet Les, and there is obviously bad blood between him and our protagonist (anti-hero?) Stanley. Stanley’s son, Lucy, is also introduced, and it’s hard to say the two don’t get along, since the two haven’t seen each other since Lucy was a toddler. And, as if to further strain the relationships, Stanley has his boxing match, and the person headlining the event is someone who definitely never wants to see him again.

As the story progresses, it is easy to see where it all went wrong. Sex. Deceit. Drugs. Las Vegas wasn’t the best to Stanley, he went down a miserable road, and not everyone came out alive.

The gritty colors bring the story to life on the page, and there are no stiff or unnatural poses or expressions on the characters. Everything blends together well to create a world the reader can really get lost in.

I fell like that is about all I can say without crossing the line into spoilers. But just know, as the story gets deeper, there is more edge of your seat excitement that will definitely make you come back month after month. Another top-notch issue. 

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