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by Doug Warren on November 01, 2017

Writer (and Art page 1-5) Wes Craig
Artist Toby Cypress
Colors Niko Guardia
Letters and Design Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher Image Comics

Hey, it’s the day after Halloween, you didn’t get your fill of horror last night, and you just want a little more to tide you over until next year, well, Craig and Cypress have the perfect dessert to satisfy you until next year.

I will say, I don’t quite understand the purpose of the first five pages. Described as “A long #%$% time ago,” it shows humanoids (a term I use in the classic sense, not the robot sense) against an unidentified monster creature, carrying pods that we see implanted into a tree. It doesn’t quite match the style and flow of the rest of the comic, and I doubt it is just a metaphor for the eternal fight eternal struggle throughout the ages, so surely it’s something that is going to show some importance later in the series.

When the main story started, I was afraid it was going to be a generic zombie story because that’s the way it appeared to be heading. Yes, these stories can be exciting in all their gory detail, but, how many times do you want to see the same story. However, with talk of ghost storms and vampires, it piqued my interest. Without giving spoilers, I will say, Craig sets us up for what can be an intense, deep series that can keep reader’s attention for the long haul.

I will say, the highlight of this issue is without a doubt the artwork. The characters Cypress create could be right out of a 1950s detective comic. Something that makes the art stand out is his use of stippling for shading. It is so unique in today’s world of comics that it really makes the readers step back and appreciate just the artistry of it all.

If you are a fan of the horror or zombie genres and are looking to get in early on a new series that has the power to go the distance, now is your chance. Check it out. 

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