by Doug Warren on October 25, 2017

Written by Kyle Starks
Illustrated by CJ Cannon
Colored by Katy Farina
Story 2
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Illustrated and colored by Marc Ellerby
Lettered by Crank!
Published by Oni Press

I didn’t feel this issue. I love Kyle Starks, and I don’t want to give a negative review, but I just did not enjoy this one. It read like an episode of The Office after Catherine Tate joined the staff. It wasn’t entertaining. It didn’t have the magic it used to. But, you stick with the series because you’ve seen greatness in the past, and you know the creative team is capable of it, and hey, The Office was able to get back on track. Maybe the Rick and Morty comic books can, too.

Let me dissect why this issue was so bland. One, the family got into a Ricky-style intergalactic crisis, and it wasn’t Rick’s fault or doing. And, really, that’s where the fun is. “How is Rick going to mess this up?” Without Rick doing it, it was so stale. Also, think of the most generic alien storyline. I mean, most generic and stereotypical. Chances are, you are thinking too deeply. More surface. There you go. You got the plot of this issue. I stayed with it until the end, and then, it was just so unsatisfying.

But, great news, Rick and Morty always has a secondary, unconnected short story in the back! I can still get my feel of R&M and leave happy! Nope. It was the most confused mess I’ve ever seen. Morty and Jerry might’ve switched minds or bodies in a Freaky Friday-esque moment, but maybe they didn’t. They said they did, but every line of dialogue they said wouldn’t make sense if they switched. So maybe they didn’t switch. But, if they didn’t switch, what’s the point at all? Why bring it up?

I’m going to watch some Rick and Morty on hulu now and try to forget what I just read.

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