by Doug Warren on September 27, 2017

Written by Kyle Starks
Art by Benjamin Dewey/Marc  Ellerby
Lettered by CRANK!
Published by ONI Press

I gotta say, this issue was weird. The main story focused on Beth, Rick’s daughter/Morty’s mother. And instead of a funny, joke heavy/scifi satire that we were all expecting, it was a touching introspective. When her job was threatened, she showed a admiral dedication to her craft, even when it was no longer expected. The rest of the family was mainly absent from the comic, only to make a brief cameo to show their lack of appreciation for what Beth does. As a story, it works. It delves deeper into her character than I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, I liken this move from the norm to Apple announcing they were doing away with the headphone jack. Their reasoning? Courage. But will hardcore Rick and Morty fans like it? I don’t know. I just don’t know. I guess the jury’s out.

The art was different as well. The colors weren’t solid like you would expect with a comic book. It looks like it was done with watercolors or colored pencils, and I’m not complaining. Artistically, it was a step out of the norm, and I applaud it. The only thing I would complain about is a new character introduced, Mr. Hapsburg’s son, another Mr. Hapsburg. His character didn’t fit in aesthetically. He just looked too different from the rest. It reminded me of a 90s character in a nondescript Nickelodeon cartoon.
The secondary story was what we would all expect from a Rick and Morty comic—scifi, interplanetary exploration—but it was a one-joke strip. Also, the coloring was back to normal.

As a comic and story, it was good. But does it fit with the feelings and flow of the Rick and Morty universe? Eh. Maybe? I don’t know.

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